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Temporal Flux :: The Life within our Walls

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26th May 2004

lord_kage1:08pm: The Great Search Has Begun!
We have started the Great Roommate Search. Here is the ad placed on the Cal Poly Housing web site:
One room is available in the house. You will be sharing the house with a Grad Student whom works for the College of Education and a recent Graduate whom works for the County of SLO.
If you are interested in the room, you must arrange a time to come by and look at the room while both of us are there.

I would prefer to have someone I know move into the house, but at this point I am not too choosy. The room available is called "Cursed". It gain the name after having a spell of really bad roommates occupy it.

19th May 2004

lord_kage7:00pm: Tree Gnomes & Intranet Nexus
I was trying to get the house on-line with a new ISP, but, yeah, those pesky Tree Gnomes interfered with getting a clear line of site to any of Digital Putty's APs. Got to love WiFi's limitations. But an interesting thing, Bill found out we had 20+ wireless networks all converging at the house. His suggestion, "seriously steal someone else's connection." There are only 2 networks that are locked down, and the rest are open. An amusing point, we can see Mustang Wireless from the roof. Mustang Wireless is the campus's wireless connectivity on campus. I can't get it in my office on campus, but I can get it 5+ miles away from campus.

Adding to the annoying house news, yet another appliance decides it lived a good life. My vacuum has finally come to the point where it only made vacuum noises and didn't do much more. *shrugs* I asked Mike nicely to pick one up for us. We are now proud owners of a Dyson Vacuum Animal version. The only down draw... It is fricken PURPLE! I strongly object to this colour. Well, we can't when them all. It works wonders, and it really sucks in a very good way.

We here are forming our own cheering section for both Les & Monica. Les left today for an interview with Xlinux, and we hope he gets a prestigious job there. Monica is plugging away at here Sr. Project, and we know what a pain those things can be to ones well being.

Ryan is still planning on, well, we are not sure what he is planning... Which I think is a good thing, mostly.

All in all, we are living well, and the voices coming from the stove are not as angry as they have been in the last month.

11th May 2004

lord_kage3:40pm: All Quiet on The Flux Front
And email replicated here for your amusement.

I have now been asked by three people when the next bbq is... Well, here
is the skinny.

There are three ideas on the board:
1) Good-Bye Les & Monica BBQ - Les and Monica are leaving the Flux. They
graduate in June, and they will be moving on into the "real world."
2) Screaming Orgasms All Around - I think this idea spawned from the Toast
Girl herself (and you know who you are, Ellie); Kinda like a BYOMB
(Bring Your Own Mixed Drink) party, but with sharing involved. I wouldn't
think that this would be a drunk fest, but we seem to have themes... and
this one sounds good to me.
3) Happy Birthday Flux - The Flux celebrates its 6th birthday in June.

These ideas are subject to roommate approvals and such. Some of us are
Poly students, and I am being conscience of class loads and class
schedules. It is the correct thing to do, and I will not negotiate this.

"Go fight the little green men that live in your head!" --Senic

5th May 2004

lord_kage10:02am: Long Over Due!
It's time for the house update... Which I want to do on a biweekly basis, but we shall see.

In the annoying news, my drier died a horrible death over Wildflower weekend. So, Monday night, Mike took me to Best Buy to buy a new one. I got a nifty cool one, and it works great... not that I have had a chance to do my laundry because everyone else is jumping ahead of me. But the "fun" part of this was installing it. Apparently, the dude that installed the now dead drier never hooked it to the wall correctly. It was venting into the wall it was attached to instead of through the wall. So, Mike installed the new vent and attached it correctly.

In the odd news, the house is bracing for another possible roommate switch; Les & Monica are leaving by 1 July 2004. If I get a good enough job by then, then I will not be getting anyone to fill Cursed. And I will get an office again! Ryan already has plans what to do with part of the office... he wants a game/toy room... Well, that is fine with me because I want to set up my Lego Trains in there, so I guess he can have a gamer room.

In the boring news, life moves on at The Flux, and that concludes Kage's update.

5th April 2004

lord_kage12:39pm: A BBQ in Review
After a full day of recovery, I am finally writing about my bday BBQ. I really enjoyed myself, and I would like to thank all those that participated in the event. I believe all enjoyed themselves; well, I hope that all enjoyed themselves. We had a few new peoples show up this time, and it was great to have them added to the TF family. But I hope that we didn't frighten them too much. *evil grin*
Current Mood: cheerful

19th March 2004

lord_kage2:18pm: Kage's Bday
Yes, that is true Kage turns 34, 1C, & 28 this coming April. We here at the Flux have decided to honor him by throwing him a BBQ. The email is out, and there will be a reminder a week before. If you didn't get the info, then email Kage for the particulars. It should be a fun event for all.

8th March 2004

lord_kage1:21pm: Vote Bastard for President
Yes, Our very own bastard_ryn has thrown in his hat to the Presidential Race. He does not lie about war, drugs, and sex unlike the other candidates. Read more on his journal: bastard_ryn.
Current Mood: optimistic

5th March 2004

lord_kage8:33am: First Post
I thought I would get this started. This is were those of use with LiveJournals can post events and commentary about the life at The Flux.
Current Mood: artistic
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